Batu Tapak, 12 Apr 2013

On 12th April 2013, PT. SimasRe held an outing to Batu Tapak Camping Ground Gunung Salak, Sukabumi in commemoration of the anniversary of PT. SimasRe took the theme “Back to Nature” followed by 14 employees of PT. SimasRe.

The activities designed with the concepts of interaction between one person to another as the symbol to teamwork and a sense of togetherness. There is also team meeting that shows a lot of inspirations & motivational examples to the employees to work harder, keep the unity and do their best for their daily duties.

The participants of these events gain self-development & improvements that are especially required in terms of:

  1. Strengthening & improvement for the team work.

  2. Prepares participant to provide the best for the company to increase achievement of work values.

  3. Facilitate employees refreshing time for their short-break from their work.

  4. The development of the effectiveness of communication.

  5. Establish commitment for the company and personal goals, exchange experience and information