Lembang, 19-21 Sep 14

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On 19-21 September 2014, PT. Simas Reinsurance Brokers held a yearly event attended by all the staffs including the Managers and Directors. This time, we choose a perfect place to relax, and enjoy our time together in Lembang attended by more than 25 employees of SimasRe.

The concept of the activities designed a little bit different with last year’s event. We have more time to relax, enjoy the fresh air and gather in one room to share ideas and thoughts along with the management of SimasRe without any worries to express everyone’s opinion.

The purpose of this event is for the employees to engage and interact with one another in a different environment, to establish rapport and trust among employees just like the way company basic purpose to hold yearly event like this to boost morale and promote team work among the employees, which, in return, is shown evidently in terms of their work ethics.

This event provides a perfect venue for the employees to let their relax and enjoy the company of their co-workers with non-work related activities.